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Pricing will vary with each project and the information provided here will allow you to estimate the cost of your quilt. During your free consultation, I will be able to provide you with the most accurate price possible.

Quilting charges are based on the type of quilting you request and the size of the quilt. The price is calculated by the square inch. To estimate the cost of having your quilt done, simply multiply the width of your quilt top by the length of your quilt top, then multiply this answer by the charge listed below.

(Width of Quilt x Length of Quilt x Charge = Estimated Cost)

Type of Quilting


$ .025/sq. inch
All Over, Edge-to-Edge Design
$ .03/sq. inch & up
Light Custom$ .05/sq. inch & up
Heirloom Custom$ .07/sq. inch & up

Example of a quilt that measures 56 x 72:

Meandering - 56 x 72 = 4032 x .02 = $80.64

Edge-to-Edge Design - 56 x 72 = 4032 x .030 = $120.96

Custom - 56 x 72 = 4032 x .05 = $201.60

Thread is included in the cost of quilting. I use Signature Cotton 40 weight and Superior Omni Polyester 40 weight threads. I will consider using specialty threads; however, these threads have been proven to provide wonderful results with my machine.

Designs are included in the cost of quilting.

- You may provide your own batting, or batting can be provided for you at an additional cost. I currently stock:

Hobbs 80/20 Blend (96" wide)  -- $10 per yard
Hobbs 80/20 Blend (120" wide) -- $12 per yard
Hobbs 100% Cotton -- $12 per yard
Hobbs 100% Wool -- $24 per yard
Hobbs Polyester -- $9 per yard

Extra batting not used in the quilting process will be returned to you. Other types of batting are available upon request.

Additional Charges - To avoid add-on charges (and potential delays), please prepare your quilt as instructed on the "Quilt Prep" page. Should I encounter any issues that may cause you to incur additional costs or delays in completing your quilt, I will contact you for your approval prior to completing the work.